Nf2 Scar 1   Sean   Nf2 Scar 2
Quad   Still To Come
  Pain, 37˝ x 30˝  
Free Fall, 38˝ x 58˝ Le Grande Odalisque, 60" x 60"   La Grande Odalisque, 42˝ x 46˝
Adam, 44" x 66"
Eve, 44" x 66"
Canon Ball, 28˝ x 40˝
Dark Egg, 38" x 40"
Hope, 37" x 40"
Marco's Ass, 32" x 44"
The Fall from Grace - Eve, 40˝ x 66˝
The Fall from Grace - Adam, 40˝ x 66˝
Just Thinking, 35˝ x 36˝
Contemplation, 19˝ x 35˝
Ophelia, 40˝ x 50˝ Waiting, 46˝ x 48˝
Stand, 80" x 92"
  Odalisque & Slave, 58 x 40
  6 Dicks - A Sextet, each panel is 24˝ x 24˝




I paint because I don’t know how not to. My subject matter is what it is because
I find the human figure irresistible in its beauty, expressiveness and endless possibilities. Beyond this my work must speak for itself.
This is my native tongue.


I was born during the “I like Ike”/Lenny Bruce/McCarthy years in your basic large, eastern seaboard college town. Subsequently, grew up in about 8,000 other similar towns.
After years with a traveling carnival, selling fireworks on street corners, dispatching trucks and, for a seeming eternity, working as an artist’s model, I’ve found my home in the printing industry. Paint and ink feeling pretty similar and all.

I have Neurofibromatosis Type 2.
The recent evaporation of speech and music was no surprise.
To paraphrase Mr. Johnny Cash -- I saw this train a’comin.

Donna Maderer
paintings in oil, acrylic, and oil crayon


Contact me at for details and purchase information.


Coming soon.. e-store with cards, magnets and more.